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Meet your friends at Prestige Vacations Aruba, who have many years of experience with the Aruban tourism and real estate market.

Our team will provide you with all that you need to choose your exclusive and unique vacation rental property, whether it be a beachfront condo, close to the beach condo, villa or exclusive residential home. Prestige Vacations Aruba has been providing our distinguished guests with unique and unforgettable vacation experiences since the year 2007.

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The Team
Alan Riley
Managing Director

Alan, born and raised on the happy island, obtained his MBA degree in The Netherlands. He brings a wealth of experience in regard to real estate development, construction, appraisal, brokerage, vacation rentals, and property management. Since 2007 the companies Alan leads are geared towards the vacation rental industry and brokerage of Luxury Real Estate. Starting with the management of one condo and 1 employee in 2007, the companies now manage over a 100 properties and employ 20 people. Alan always strives to be a trendsetter in the industry while looking out for the benefits for his island. As one of the first vacation rental guests described Alan says it best; He is a genuine good guy!

Rachel Riley-Noordermeer
Assistant Managing Director

Rachel is well educated in hotel management and food & beverage, possessing a bachelor’s degree acquired at the internationally appraised Hotel Management University in The Hague, Netherlands. Rachel joined our team since 2009, after a remarkable and thriving 15-year career in top positions of the hotel, timeshare, and restaurant industry of Aruba. Her knowledge of and her now more than 25 years’ experience in the leisure industry on the island is surely second to none and are indispensable for the successful and smooth management and operation of the Prestige organization. Rachel concentrates within our team mostly on the vacation rental management and service; your simple contact with her will ensure you the best vacation experience on the island, whereas our accommodation’s owners are assured that their property is being managed and cared for as if these were her own.

Albert Nedd
Operations Coordinator

Albert was born and raised in Aruba. He speaks four languages and moved to Holland as a teenager where he finished high school and continued his studies. He had the opportunity to come back to Aruba to work in the airline industry where he found his passion for hospitality. When he left the airline he continued to work in the hospitality industry in guest services for some of Aruba’s bigger resorts. Albert recently started working as an operations coordinator with Prestige Vacations Aruba where his role above all is to make sure that our guests will have a flawless enjoyable stay during their vacation at LeVent Beach Resort. In his free time, Albert likes to spend time with his family, work out, but he especially loves to take long runs together with his beloved dog Rebel.

Agustin Rodriguez
Assistant Manager

Agustin was born and raised in Argentina. After finishing his college degree in Audiovisual Communications in Buenos Aires he moved to Spain, where he started his career in the vacation rental and international real estate business in Barcelona. His experience selling luxury properties helped him develop his expert instinct for customer service. When working with clients and guests Agustin always strives to go above and beyond to exceed their expectations. Barcelona is where Agustin met his Aruban fiancée, and after having immersed himself for five years in the Spanish culture, and being busy exploring Europe together, they relocated to Aruba, where he continued his career as a property manager in the vacation rental business, and recently joined the Prestige Vacations Aruba team as an assistant manager at LeVent Beach Resort. In his free time, Agustin likes to spend quality time with his wife and family, play basketball, and he loves to read.

Rosita Kelly
Executive Administrative Assistant

Rosita Kelly is our Executive Administrative Assistant who has been working for more than 10 years with the company. She has extensive experience in the hospitality and real estate industry and is currently in charge of all administrative task of the company. Further, Rosita has all the ins and outs of leisure industry contacts, real estate establishments, governmental tourist agencies, tourist service providers, and the like. Her dedication and ability to provide the highest level of service to property owners is one of her most admirable aspects. When Rosita is not working, she is either taking nature walks or spending time with her family.

Joshua Corona
Operations Coordinator

Joshua joined our Prestige Team 4 years ago and initially worked at our sister company Comfort Rentals Aruba. His eagerness to learn and progress made him cross-train at other properties such as at the resort complexes of LeVent and Oceania. He officially transferred to Prestige Vacations Aruba in 2021 and since then is part of our operations team at Oceania; and, he is doing a formidable job. You can meet him at check-in or check-out time.

Kenneth Maduro
Facilities Supervisor

Kenneth has been with the company for a long time, always willing to help our guests and colleagues, very respectful and courteous and always with a smile. He checks all our units at check-out and before check-in, making sure all is good and if something needs maintenance attention, he will work on it very fast to have it fixed.

Aischal van der Linde
Guest Services Coordinator

What can we say about Aischal? Well, she has a very outgoing, friendly and pleasant personality, our guests love her, we get daily reviews, and she is being positively mentioned and praised in nearly all of them! Always willing to help her colleagues and guests, goes the extra mile every day. Car rentals, taxi transfers, first-day groceries, island tours, private chefs, etc., she is our go-to person! Make sure to look for her concierge email before your arrival day, or you can meet her at check-in or check-out.

Javier van der Biezen
Reservations Coordinator

Javier joined the Prestige Team as our Reservations Coordinator. With his customer-driven and outgoing personality, he makes sure to professionally assist our inquiring travelers with selecting their perfect vacation rental. His colleagues praise him because of the very positive vibes that he brings into the office. Javier is further a distinguished Board Member of SMAC, the official foundation that organizes and manages Aruba’s famous Carnival events and parades. In his free time, he loves to do CrossFit and, of course, occasionally drink a nice glass of red wine!

Raquel Lesire (Raqui)
Operations Manager

Raqui (Raquel), an island born and raised lady who has enjoyed her education in hospitality management in the USA. Prior to joining Prestige Realty, over a decade ago, in the vacation rental industry she has held numerous positions in big name chain-hotels from Laundry manager to Front office manager to name a few. She takes great pride in providing the best possible service to all guests and property owners alike and is keen on cleanliness of our properties. She leads her team with passion for hospitality and motivates them to attain the best results. She is always ready to welcome you and all our other guests with her beautiful smile!

Brandon Riley
Marketing Associate

Undoubtedly, the knowledge of digital marketing management, strategies, and tactics that Brandon brings to the table within our organization is crucial for the success and the local trendsetting-status of Prestige. Brandon’s goals as a marketing & sales associate are to take Prestige to an even higher level of state-of-the-art branding, website, corporate image, social media, and other digital marketing exposures. By being a hard and knowledgeable worker with true love for the tourism industry as well as for our distinguished guests and property owners, and by always being on the lookout to overcome the next digital marketing challenge, Brandon intends to grab and hold the Prestige organization with both hands as the guide into the future!

Claudia Bok
Reservations Supervisor

As a graduate of International Tourism Management & Consultancy at the Breda University of Applied Sciences, Claudia has taken the entire reservations process of Prestige under her supervision with ease. From the initial contact with our guests, through to their arrival, further during their stay and thereafter their post-travel communications, all are being professionally managed to maximize customer satisfaction. Likewise, with great professionalism and an exuberant sense of humor, in her unique way Claudia procures first for the training of, and then for the continuous supervision of all staff members who are involved with reservations and guest communications. Certainly, a key member of our Marketing team.

Maria Henriquez
Executive Administrator

Maria has a bachelor’s degree in economics and accounting acquired at the University of Aruba and is at the helm of the financial administration of all companies within the Prestige Group. With her high educational background, her intuitive customer-oriented approach, her eager desire to take on any challenge of the worldwide emerging vacation rental travel industry and her attention to detail, Maria is the proud youngest member of Prestige’s management team. She strives to efficiently answer all questions that an inquiring guest or property owner may have regarding their financial reporting matters, as well as to professionally assist her colleagues whenever needed. Her ultimate goal is to provide secured and precise processing of all financial transactions to the utmost satisfaction of colleagues, guests and property owners alike.

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