Aruba Travel Guidelines

For your convenience we compiled and published below – in a summarized, yet all-encompassing and comprehensive manner – the most important and relevant travel information of Aruba in general, and of the thereto related Prestige services and offers in particular.
Note: This informational page was first compiled on June 26, 2020, and will be updated if or when amendments are made to the below services or policies. We, therefore, recommend you to, before you travel to Aruba, periodically review the information provided on this page for any possible update of requirements or policies that can affect your travel plans.

Extra Services for our Guests

Pre-Arrival Services

If you are preparing to travel to Aruba, all Prestige associates who may be in contact with you either by email or phone, are able to answer all the questions you may have about vacationing in Aruba or can point you to the right source where you can find the answers to your questions. Once you have a booking with us, we will actively and continuously guide you with several tips and information that you may need or find handy to know before, during, and after your travel to our ‘One Happy Island’, like:

    • Online ED-card completion: This is the requirement that the former Embarkation/Disembarkation card travelers used to fill in during their flight to Aruba, now needs to be completed online between 72 and 4 hours before the direct flight to Aruba. Additionally, this online form takes the traveler step-by-step through the acceptance of the terms of the Travel Health Requirements, in order for the traveler to be allowed entry into Aruba. Please contact Prestige if you encounter any difficulties with completing your Online ED-card.
    • Traveler Health Requirements: Aruba reopened its borders for international travel on July 1, 2020.  In order to protect the health and safety of visitors and locals, Aruba has implemented health requirements for all travelers arriving on the island during the global pandemic; these requirements are being continuously revised and are even applicable to locals who traveled abroad and are returning to the island. This highly informational web page is very extensive, so for your convenience, we summarize below the
      the most important travel prerequisites:
      1. All travelers to Aruba are required to complete the Online ED-card between 72 to 4 hours before the direct flight to Aruba. After the full completion of the Online ED-card process, the traveler will receive via his/her provided email address an official approval to travel and enter Aruba. The Aruba Health App can also be downloaded on your smartphone, and in that case, after successful completion of the Online ED-card process, the traveler can also receive through this app a QR code of the approval to travel to Aruba. The traveler can then use either the printed approval email or the approval email and/or the QR code in digital format on his/her mobile device, as part of his/her required travel documents at the airline’s check-in and upon arrival in Aruba.
      2. During the Online ED-card completion process every traveler must also accept the Aruba Visitors Insurance that covers any and all COVID-19 related medical costs, isolation transportation costs, extra isolation accommodation costs, etc. if the traveler inadvertently becomes tested positive for COVID-19 on the island. Important Note: International Law stipulates that “all positive tested COVID-19 patients must be medically treated and hosted in the country where the infection is detected until such patient tests negative again”. Based on this international law, Aruba as an island with just over one hundred thousand citizens, simply cannot carry or assume this major financial liability on behalf of its more than 1.2 million yearly visitors. Hence, the mandatory COVID-19 insurance coverage.
      3. The premium for the Aruba Visitors Insurance provided by a local insurance consortium is also payable during the Online ED-card process. Update August 1, 2021: The premium has been substantially lowered to a one-time flat fee of $15 for all travelers of 15 years and older. Children of 14 years or younger are co-insured free of charge. CLICK HERE to calculate the personal insurance premium for each (co-)traveler. Important note: As the insurance premium is paid before traveling to Aruba, the Aruba Visitors Insurance e.g. even covers any covid-related medical incident or isolation accommodation expense after arrival at the airport in Aruba.

If you still have any concerns, unanswered questions, or setbacks in your compliance with the above prerequisites, please feel free to contact the Aruba Tourism Authority via email, or you can also contact us.

    • Flight Info Reminder: Between 10 to 5 days before arrival in Aruba, our guests will be sent a ‘Flight Info Reminder’ email which contains not only again the necessary links to the Online ED-card form and the Traveler Health Requirements informational page but is also convenient or good-to-know things like
      – your pre-check-in form, which makes your actual check-in procedure at your accommodation much quicker, easier and safer (hands-free);
      – availability of our airport pick-up service by an associated and ‘AHH-code’ complaint taxi driver (no charges, other than the government-regulated taxi fares, are applicable);
      – information about special offers by car rental agencies, tour or activity companies, restaurants, and other service providers; and, for extra assurance to our guests, we show the special offers only of those service providers that are certified by the Aruba Tourism Authority and thus carry the mandated ‘Aruba Health & Happiness Code’ seal for their specific business sector.

Post-Arrival services

    • Aruba Health & Happiness Code: As an enhancement to its high standards of quality and cleanliness, Prestige and all its affiliates have since June 2020 introduced new strict protocols of health, safety, and hygiene at all of their operational locations, thereby more than fully complying with the ‘Aruba Health & Happiness Code’ (= AHH-code) as certified by the Aruba Tourism Authority.  On November 16, 2020, following an on-site inspection by the Department of Health of Aruba of all its resort locations, Prestige Vacations Aruba (and all of its affiliates) was awarded the Gold Certification Seal of the Aruba Health & Happiness code:
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