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About Prestige Aruba

About Prestige Vacations Aruba

Meet our vacation specialists, who have many years of experience with the Aruban tourism and real estate market. Our team will provide you with all that you need to choose your exclusive and unique vacation rental property, whether it be a beachfront condo, close to the beach condo, villa or exclusive residential home.

Mr. Ir. Alan H. Riley (MBA)
The corporation is run by its managing director Mr. Ir. Alan H. Riley (MBA), who is well known on the island of Aruba. Mr. Alan Riley has functioned between 1998 and 2004 on the board of the Aruba Chamber of Commerce and Industry, of which the last three years of mentioned period also as Chairman of the Board. As such he has contributed significantly to the commerce in general of Aruba. His experience with regard to vacation rentals, real estate development, construction, appraisal, brokerage and management is quite lengthy and impressive. Gladly he will share his experience with you to help make your decision to buy, build, remodel or rent real estate in Aruba, a comfortable one. Besides managing Prestige Realty, Mr. Alan Riley is also the director of Alpha Management & Consultancy N.V., a consultancy firm for business setup, management and organization.

Ms. Rachel Riley-Noordermeer
Mrs. Rachel Riley-Noordermeer is another main asset of the company and is the assistant managing director of our corporation since late 2009. Mrs. Riley-Noordermeer is well educated in hotel management and food & beverage, and has priorly worked many years in top positions of the hotel, timeshare and restaurant industry of Aruba. Her knowledge of and experience in the leisure industry on the island is second to none. Mrs. Riley-Noordermeer concentrates within our organization mostly on the vacation rental management and service and your simple contact with her will ensure you the best vacation experience on the island.

Mr. John Lugay
Mr. John Lugay is a local architect that has realized many exclusive designs and construction works in Aruba, through his company ARTECO N.V. Exclusive homes, remodeling of existing homes, offices, production and retail facilities (Wendy's, Balashi, Aruba Aloe), there's no limit to his design and build capacities. Mr. Lugay through his company is the key person that we consult or associate with when it comes to design of new construction works or remodeling, thereby constantly taking into account to maintain the 'Aruban feel' in all designs. When executing larger projects, our local group team up with the internationally renowned architectural firm Architectural Alliance in Minnesota, USA.

Mrs. Rosita Kelly
Mrs. Rosita Kelly is our Executive Administrative Assistant. She has an extensive accounting experience in the hospitality and real estate industry. Further, she has all the ins and outs of leisure industry contacts, real estate establishments, governmental tourist agencies and real estate departments, notary offices, financial institutions and the like. Her ability to help clients meet their goals, to assist with processing of documents and to answer most questions you may have, is one of her most admirable aspects. Besides that, Mrs. Rosita Kelly is also in charge of all administrative tasks of the company.


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Prestige Vacations Aruba

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